Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Did you know that there are more than sixty million users that rely on WordPress to create, manage, and publish their web content? WordPress has gained great renown for its customization features, its adaptability, and its rich variety of WordPress Plugins, which can alter functionality or add new functionality that can make the platform even more powerful in the right hands.

For those who are already familiar with their favorites, this list may point you toward some new tools that you’ve only heard of but never really considered. For those users who are brand new to WordPress, this could be the right guide toward building a solid foundation for your site. These Plugins are all popular amongst business sites around the world, and many are even free to use. That should make building the perfect site easy on your budget as well.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

Considered to be one of the most powerful SEO plugins available for WordPress, WordPress SEO by Yoast can allow users to control every aspect of the page that can effect search engine optimization. From the meta data, to titles for pages, to rules that search engines follow when crawling your page, you’ll be able to manage your SEO quickly and easily. This plugin is free, which makes it a must-have for both large and small businesses.

Enhanced Text Widget

A simple plugin that does exactly what it says; the Enhanced Text Widget allows you to create feature-rich text that supports different formats like HTML, Flash, and Javascript, among others. It can also hide or show the title of a widget. This plugin actually comes with WordPress itself, so you should already have it.

Content Aware Sidebars

Content-aware page design is quickly becoming a must-have for those that want to stay current with search engine optimization trends and user experiences, especially when considering how many different operating systems, browsers, and formats there are regarding tablet, smartphone, and desktop screen real estate. It allows for unlimited sidebars, and also allows you to manage the context in which they can be shown based on specific posts, categories of pages, and more.


If you have a comments section on your site, or if you have any user-contributed threads for discussion, then you’re already aware of spam. Enter Akismet, an automated spam blocker that requires a free registration with the site. Once you’ve signed up and used the plugin, Akismet can go to work, blocking comment spam. In a single day, Akismet can block anywhere from 1.5 million to 2 million spam comments. Heavy work for a light plugin, and free for website owners.

Digg Digg

Social media matters, and Digg Digg makes social media integration easier for your webmaster. This plugin creates a floating box that visitors can use to interact with various social networks, which include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkdIn, and more. You control which social media networks are connected through the widget, which lets you pick the most appropriate choices.

404 Redirected

Broken web pages are bad news for your users, and they create bad marks with search engines as well. 404 Redirected will allow you to see all of your pages which return the 404 error, and to choose where you would like them redirected. This will also allow you to receive proper credit from Google whenever a user clicks on a 404 link; the redirected page will get the higher ranking.

W3 Total Cache

For sites that are media-rich, W3 Total Cache can actually help to speed up the user experience by organizing and cleaning the appropriate online cache necessary. The more scripts and large images that your site has, the more improvements you may see from its use.


The most powerful backup plugin for WordPress. BackupBuddy allows you to create both full and partial back up databases for your WordPress site, along with backup scheduling. Website owners who don’t have a backup system already in place need this.

Cost: $80 for two licenses, $100 for ten licenses, $150 for unlimited licenses, and $197 for a developer license.

Visual Composer for WordPress

Visual page composition can be the difference between tweaking minor details for hours, or creating the right experience the first time. Most WordPress users aren’t code experts, and Visual Composer is here to keep that from being an issue. It converts the page editor into a more visually oriented, easily manipulable format that even novices will find welcoming.

Cost: $25

Gravity Forms

If your website or company needs user forms, or could benefit from using them to collect information, Gravity Forms is a must-have collection of plugins. Extremely useful for CRM systems, and compatible with some of the most popular services in the business.