Strategies for Facebook

Strategies for Facebook

Everybody needs a strategy when it comes to social media. Some people look at competitors and think, “If they have 5,000 Likes, then I want 5,001.” But this way of thinking has no long-term goal in mind – no strategy.

Developing a strategy will help you keep focused on your goal. Here are a few to consider when thinking about the long-term development of your company Facebook page.

Design Strategy
Your design needs to reflect your primary objectives. For example, if your goal is to drive traffic to your blog, then you’ll definitely want to incorporate your blog into your Facebook page design. Similarly, if your goal is to get people to buy your products or services, then you need to create a design that emphasizes what you have to offer and sets up a path to the sale.

Promotion Strategy
Many businesses focus on getting as many Likes possible. However, what good are all of these Likes if none of the people are paying attention or spending money with your business? A highly-targeted, qualified and engaged audience is better than a large, fragmented audience who doesn’t visit your page. Try a promotion to attract the right people. Encourage customers to come to your page by giving them a coupon or discount. You can do this in your store, on your website, in your blog, or through outlets where you connect with potential customers.

Content Strategy
On Facebook, rather than talk with customers, many businesses talk at them – e.g., read this, check out that. You’ll notice that these page are getting little to no Likes or comments. You need to focus on engaging your audience. Your wall should be a mix of your own content as well as other people’s content. Encourage people to participate. Share other industry blogs, links, and resources. This way you’ll be seen as a business who cares enough to share a good depth and breadth of your topic and not just your own opinion.

A long-term plan will make your Facebook page work for you. Just remember to develop a targeted, engaged audience by putting thought into your strategy.