How to Build Your Business Website

How to Build Your Business Website

Every website needs to get its start somewhere, but if you’re new to the business of creating a site, you may be overwhelmed by your options, or even underwhelmed depending on what you choose to experiment with first. Ultimately, finding the best business website editing software is about understanding what your goals for your site are. There are a wealth of both paid and free programs and services, but matching your business website to them can require some insight into what each has to offer.

With this list, we’ll be reviewing five different options that you have, all of which may yield outstanding results based on your own budget, your level of technical ability, and what you stand to gain by choosing any given option.


One of the most popular online website content management systems, or CMS, WordPress has long been a favored tool by bloggers. WordPress is attractive because it is free, and many of the plugins that are offered are free as well. As an open source venture, there have been countless plugins generated by the WordPress community all created with the goal of saving time, improving productivity, or adding new functionality to the platform itself.

Setting a theme, managing your SEO, adding advertising, and more are all within reach, and all free of charge. While there are paid plugins, the open source nature of WordPress means that there is a massive amount of free, ready to use tools at your disposal.


A rival to WordPress, Joomla! Is another open source software solution that provides much of what WordPress promises, but with increased focus on user experience and powerful plugins that look to go beyond what WordPress has to offer. Joomla Offers some important functionality right out of the box, which includes management of content syndication, support for different languages, and faster user experiences. Joomla also includes support for social media networks, and has an extensive array of e-commerce plugins available for online businesses.


Another free and flexible option. Drupal has a growing community creating new add-ons every day, all of which seek to add new capabilities to the software or make existing capabilities more streamlined for the user. Drupal is a bit more complex than WordPress or Joomla, which can be a plus if you’re a programmer or a developer that understands how to get the most from this platform.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Like WordPress, Dreamweaver has been a long-standing force in the website creation market. Dreamweaver’s creative suite is purchased, unlike the others on this list, but it features extensive support from Adobe, and comparability with every platform mentioned on this list with the exception of Fusion Essentials. The advantage of Dreamweaver is that it offers a visual interface that can make creating a wonderful looking website very fast and easy for users of virtually any level of experience.

Also of note, Dreamweaver can be purchased in a creative suite along with other Adobe software, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. These software suites can be useful for creating graphics and logos for your site, as well as producing new content that users will appreciate.

Which is the Best for a Business Website?

As you’ve seen with this list, there are many options to choose from, even when you do pick one you think will be best. WordPress alone has thousands of different plugins, configurations, and themes, all of which could radically improve or alter your experience as a user. For experienced website creators and programmers, all of these editors feature heightened functionality and potential that can allow for a more hands-on approach to code crunching.

For those who are completely new to website creation, options like Dreamweaver, Joomla, and WordPress may offer an effective bridge between your visual concept of how you want the site to look, and its actual, finished product. While there is no “perfect” website publishing platform yet available, it’s easy to pick those that will best match your goals and your technical level if you know what you’re searching for. Remember, when researching these options further, that there are templates and themes available for most as well.