Social Media Helps with SEO

Social Media Helps with SEO

You probably already know how very important it is for your business to appear early on in the search listings when a potential client searches your company name or for services or products related to your organization. In today’s world, people don’t page through the local phone book to find a relevant business. No, they do a related search online and, more often than not, go with one of the results they find. If you’re going to stay in business and thrive, then you absolutely need to show up in those results, and the way to do that is through search engine optimization or SEO. While it’s definitely important to include all the right keywords on your own website, you should also be utilizing other sites that can bring in promising traffic. People spend most of their online time on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like, so you need to be targeting these sites as part of your SEO campaign. In other words, you have to go where the potential clients are and you need to keep in mind at all times that social media helps with SEO.

Utilizing Facebook

First things first, if your business isn’t on Facebook, get a profile now! It’s free, and it’s an easy and incredibly efficient way to promote your business. Start out by connecting with clients or potential clients whom you already know; either find them yourself or ask potential clients to “like” or “fan” your Facebook page. Once you’ve garnered enough fans, you can get a custom Facebook name, and that’s where the SEO can start. Include smart keywords within your user name to drive people to your page. Also make sure that you’re including relevant, keyword-driven information in your “About” section. Then, be sure to post status updates regularly—preferably updates that contain informative, helpful, or entertaining information for clients and perspective clients, and of course, that are keyword heavy! These strategies will not only help you to garner traffic, but they are also a great way to stay front and center in the minds of clients and prospective clients.

Tweet Away!

Twitter is another wonderful place to implement SEO strategies. You’ll want to start by choosing a strong Twitter name. You could use the name of your business or a keyword phrase that is strongly linked to your business. If you’re aware of the most commonly used keyword that clients use to find your business (and you should be!), use that if it’s available. You’ll also be provided with a space to include a brief bio, which you’ll want to optimize thoroughly while still sounding natural and friendly. Once your Twitter account is all set up, tell people about it; many businesses have great success with offering an incentive for current clients to follow them on Twitter or for clients who refer others to their Twitter page. Try to include keywords in your Twitter posts, particularly towards the beginning of each post when possible. The sooner the keywords appear in the Tweet, the more likely it is that the Tweet will show up sooner in relevant searches.

The Great Google+

Google+ is quickly gaining steam as a major social media site, and in keeping with the modern times, you need to be using it! Since Google+ is linked to the Google search engine, you better believe that Google will do its best to make Google+ pages show up before any other pages, which is even more reason to take advantage of Google+. You should also be taking advantage of other Google services, such as Blogger, and you should have all of those services linked together. The more active you are via Google products, the more likely your Google+ page is to show up. And, as always, use keywords within all of your Google+ content when possible.

Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest is a little different than other social media sites in that it’s all about pictures! As such, you’ll need a very unique social media strategy to make the most out of your Pinterest page. Start by ensuring that you’re uploading quality photos—photos that show someone how to do something (preferably related to your business in some way, of course) or that showcase a new or unique idea tend to garner the most interest. If people are actually interested in your pictures, you’ll get traffic without even trying; talk about an easy marketing strategy! Remember too that you can always include business links in your photo captions and descriptions, and of course, keywords are always welcome in the content areas of your posts. Also make sure that you choose relevant “categories” to be a part of, since this will offer great exposure to your Pinterest site.

Why make such a fuss? Because social media helps with SEO!