Websites are Marketing Tools

Websites are Marketing Tools

There are a few misconceptions that should be cleared up regarding the need for web design. More specifically, there are companies right now that still think having a website is only important for businesses that deal in computers, online sales, and general tech industry companies. While that may have been true a decade or two ago, having a website now is an entirely different story because nowadays websites are marketing tools. If your business provides plumbing, HVAC, and other services that homeowners need, then you really need to have a website.

Why? The answer comes down to simple marketing fundamentals. The older methods of marketing, including print, radio, and television ads, all had their time. These were the most successful forms of getting your company name out to the public, short of word-of-mouth recommendations. They were also prohibitively expensive in many cases. Companies had to consider their ROI, or return of investment, for every single penny that they invested into those types of marketing, and not just because there were budgetary concerns either. Radio, print, and television advertising can all be extremely expensive, and you need to get your money’s worth to survive.

Internet marketing, however, has taken marketing as a whole to a new level. There are now more opportunities than ever for a service-oriented company, such as a landscaping contractor or electrical company, to put out high quality websites that will get results for far smaller of an investment. Businesses need to take advantage of the fact that websites are marketing tools.

Looking at the Numbers

  • 78% of users on the internet will look for products and services online, including reviews of their options.
  • 57% of companies who have a company blog have acquired a customer through it.
  • 88% of users who look for local businesses with a mobile device will contact that business within 24 hours of the search.

Though you may not know it, there are a lot of people out there that might be looking for the services that you provide right now, only instead of calling, they’re searching on the internet. A vast majority of internet users, nearly 80% or more, will skip over paid advertisements online in their search and head straight for the “organic” pool of results, which are the websites that are actually well developed and designed.

Service-oriented business websites are particularly useful, because search engines like Google will organize traffic by location on a map. That means that customers who live in your area will see your results above others that are out of state or county. Your website design is a crucial part of both appearing higher in those results, and being more appealing to the users that click on your link.

Comparing Costs

Whether you handle roofing or concrete, everyone needs to keep their budget in mind. The ROI that you can see on having a professional quality website, as compared to not having one, may be enough to convince you that having the right website development as part of your advertising campaign is a step you can’t afford to skip.

The cost of having a website is upfront, and it can change depending on the size and scope of the site itself. Once you pay for the web development costs, choose a hosting package, and then put the website up, all you’ll need to worry about is maintenance and updates, most of which you can handle with an easy content management system. Hosting costs can be bundled in with the website development fees to reduce your overall expenses.

When compared to the typical pricing structure of other forms of advertisement, such as a local TV ad, you’ll begin to see some incredibly high savings. Not only will your website put your brand out to more people, but it can also help you to provide information for customer support, sell products directly through the site itself, or set up appointments for examinations, inspections, and estimates.

Customer Appreciation

Finally, customers are more likely to appreciate a company that has a website. These days, they expect their vets, their dentists, and even their local bakery to have some form of web presence. A website is a place where they can get directions, phone numbers, price listings, and more. Customers appreciate when you take the time and effort necessary to put that information online.

If you want to go the extra mile, mobile-friendly websites are the newest trend to hit the web. Mobile customers are much more likely to respond positively to a company that wants to reach out to them. Communication, and getting your message directly to your customers, is what having a professionally designed website is all about.